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Resonant devices


Our unique spring structure and damping structure suppress high-order resonance and achieve wideband and clear vibration. This is a compact type capable of expressing a variety of tactile sensations and converting sound sources such as games into realistic feelings. It can also produce sound by directly vibrating a surface such as panel.

Reference Specifications

Specifications CLF-25LS01
Dimensions [mm] Φ25 × 10.8
Weight [g] 18.8
Input Voltage [Vrms] 2.23 (Sine wave)
Power Consumption [mW] 300 or less

* All the values here are for reference only.

Frequency characteristics

Product lineup

Type PartNumber Φ H W D Remarks
LVC CLF-10WX01 φ10 10
LVC CLF-20WX03 φ20 11 under development
LVC CLF-20WX01 φ20 24 under development
LVC CLF-25LS01 φ25 10.8
LVC CLF-25WX01 φ25 27
USZ ZLB-12SX04 3.5 4 12
USZ ZLB-12WX01 2.8 6 12 under development
MS YLM-20XB01 3 9 20 under development

Please contact our sales representative for prototype availability under development.

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