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Rod end bearings

2 Piece Rod End Bearing

2 Piece Rod End Bearing

The load capacity is specified by static limit load and static ultimate load.

Definitions for 2 Piece Rod End Bearing Terminalogy.

Static Limit Load

That load which can be applied to a bearing without impairing its performance. It is calculated based on the body material yield strength. Permanent body deformation remains when exceeding static limit load, and eventually rotating performance is influenced.

Static Ultimate Load

That load which can be applied to a bearing without fracturing the ball, race or rod end body.

Calculation of load capacity

2 Piece Rod End body head cross section

Cross section at Point A in Figure 12 is calculated as follows. (Figure 13)

Shank cross section

Male Rod End S.S.A. :

Female Rod End S.S.A. :

Figure 12: 2 Piece Rod End

Figure 13: 2 Piece Rod End

The allowable stress

The allowable stress are shown in Table 12.

Table 12 : Allowable Stress of 2 Piece Rod End Bearings

Body Material Static Ultimate Load Static Limit Load
S48C 568N/mm2 { 58kgf/mm2 } 362N/mm2 { 37kgf/mm2 }
303 490N/mm2 { 50kgf/mm2 } 122N/mm2 { 12.5kgf/mm2 }

* As material of 2 Piece Rod End is in the annealing condition, no clear yield phenomenon is confirmed. Therefore the estimation of rigid static limit load is impossible. It is said, however, approx. 1/4 of static load can be applied without impairing the bearing performance.

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