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USB Connector waterproof Type-C™ series 'CAM-L41'

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  • CAM-L41 is a USB Type-C™ receptacle connector conforms to Thunderbolt™3 and satisfies degrees of protection of IPx8 (depth of water: 1.5m, 30 minutes).

    Thunderbolt™3 standard makes high-speed data transmission of maximum 40Gbps possible. Furthermore, this small-sized Type-C™ connector covers video output, full duplex communication and USB-PD.

    Now that 5G communication is just around the corner, the ultra high speed data transmission connector with high waterproof performance encourages to utilize for customer application.

    4 advantages of CAM-L41

    CAM-L41 is produced by voice of customer.
    Material and structure are thoroughly reviewed and improved for several times during development to achieve high waterproof performance.
    CAM-L41 is produced not only conforms to Thunderbolt™3 but focuses on both high reliability and easy to handle.
    Below are 4 advantages of CAM-L41.

    Figure 1. 4 advantages

    Figure 1. 4 advantages

    CAM-L41 makes waterproof performance IPx8(depth of water 1.5m, 30 minutes) possible.
    Gap won't happened during reflow and aging.
    Achievement of waterproof performance for conventional connector was not easy since heat during reflow generated expansion and contraction to a metal and produced a slight gap between a resin and metal terminal.
    There were no issues at the start of using but the gap has been produced by deterioration and waterproof performance lowered as time passes.
    To solve this issue, we discussed with customers for development of CAM-L41 and checked the material to apply for sealing part and continuous waterproof performance was realized which possesses high- resistance to environmental changes such as heat stress.
    Water submersion test was internally conducted and confirmed ability which corresponds to depth of water 5m, 30 minutes.

    Production method and structure for CAM-L41 were drastically reviewed to secure transmission characteristic of Thunderbolt™3 by mainteining waterproof performance.
    Maintaining transmission characteristics by reviewing all balances include a contact pin, housing, waterproof material and shield material.

    Insert mold of all terminals for CAM-L41 enables waterproof and, at the same time, high resistance to buckling of terminal.
    In addition to this, a gasket with new structure has been developed to assure stable assembly performance.
    Adopting the gasket with new structure supresses misalignment and deformation of the gasket , make improvement for assembly performance possible.

    The insert mold structure of sealing material, original for CAM-L41, contributes not only waterproof structure but also smaller the size of outline itself.
    Previous waterproof structure required to ensure a certain space inside of the connector. Contrary to this, Mitsumi original waterproof strucrure achieved stable waterproof performance by the smallespace.
    Small-sized and space-saving design contribute to high degrees of freedom in terms of a device design of customers.

    Figure 2. Size of CAM-L41 (Unit : mm)

    Figure 2. Size of CAM-L41 (Unit : mm)

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