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Has this happened to you during product development?


To avoid such situations…
Try expanding the potential of
your products with the power of vibration!

  1. Tactile
  2. Audio
  3. Movement
  4. Compact

Four key features of Resonant Device (vibration device)

  1. Features01
    Reproducing tactile sensations using vibrations
    • example
    • Try moving the pen.

      Do you feel the mouse rubbing against the desk?Do you feel the finger rubbing against your screen?
      You can reproduce that sensation.

    • What makes this realistic tactile expression possible?

      • Powerful and easy-to-use vibrations
        Strong vibrations exceeding 1 G can be generated over a wide frequency band.
      • Quiet vibrations without a rotary motor
        Vibrations using resonance and electromagnets makes it much quieter than using a rotary motor.
      • Quick
        Due to its responsiveness and directionality, it can transmit the necessary vibrations to the target point when aimed properly.
    • A realistic sense of touch is created through delicate movements that cannot be achieved with rotary vibration motors.

    • Click here for comparative data with general rotary vibration motors.
      data ※Each item is measured at the rated voltage.
      ※Measured using a product equivalent to CLF-25WX.
    • Examples of products using Resonant Device
      • Examples of products using Resonant Device
      • Touch panels
      • Styluses
    • Furthermore…

      The tactile sensations of distant objects can be reproduced.

    • Experience distant events up close

      For example, if a plastic bottle of water is shaken in the distance, you can feel as if the empty plastic bottle in your hand is filled with water.


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  2. Features2
    Using vibrations to create sound

    Various objects such as furniture, mirrors, and walls become sound sources.

    • Example of useGenerate sound from your desk and use it as speakers.
    • Example of usePlay the news from the mirror of your bathroom washbasin.
    • Example of usePlay music from an entire wall of your room.
    Use vibrations to generate sound from anywhere.
    Examples of products using Resonant Device
    • Smart mirrors
    • Bone conduction earphones
  3. Features3
    Using vibrations to move things

    Delicate vibrations create all kinds of effects.

    Create sensations that you cannot get with just vibrations, and use them for massage and other purposes.
    Examples of products using Resonant Device
    Facial devices and massage chairs
  4. Features4
    Installment according to device size

    The optimal device size can be selected for installation according to the size of the target device.

    Examples of products using Resonant Device
    • Smartwatches
    • Lineup of products suitable for a variety of devices

    We support your product development with our Resonant Device technology.

    features point4

    Ask us about sample device experiences


Feel free to ask us about it!
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Line up
Product Lineup

Type Model name
CLF-16WX02 CLF-16WX02
CLF-20WX(Φ20×24) CLF-20WX
CLF-20WX(Φ20×11.5) CLF-20WX
CLF-25WX02 CLF-25WX02

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