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Smart City Solutions - detail

High quality Streetlight- Secure capital expense -

We offer over 10 years long-lasting designed streetlights. It's not just because we use LED for it, protections from the possible damages were the key. Find various countermeasures against possible mechanical and electrical degradation below.

MinebeaMitsumi streetlights

Energy Saving- Reduce operational expense -

Compare to mercury lamp (350W), just about 90% energy reduction has been achieved by LED itself plus wireless dimming control technology.

Comparison of Electric Cost

at 12,000lm, at 0.2USD/kWh

Comparison of Electric Cost

Example of dimming pattern of a day

Example of dimming pattern of a day

Future Expandability- Deploy network platform for IoT -

MinebeaMitsumi network platform can be expanded to various IoT sensors. The centralized system management capability reduces the maintenance cost.

Network / device management consoles

cloud severMinebeaMitsumi / Paradox**
integrated network / device mgr

  • Streetlight with sensors

  • CCTV / hot spot

  • Parking sensor

* Paradox Engineering : A MinebeaMitsumi group company

Benefit by Smart City

Device / Sensor Beneficiary Business model
Device / SensorStreetlight BeneficiaryCity / Land owner Business model・Electricity cost saving by dimming
Device / SensorCamera BeneficiaryResident / Tenant Business model・Improvement of area security
BeneficiaryCity / Land owner Business model・Remote traffic / Accident management
Device / SensorParking BeneficiaryDriver / Shop Business model・Reduce time to find parking place
・Charge by smartphone for easy payment
Device / SensorEnvironment BeneficiaryTourist / Logistics / Agriculture Business model・Very local weather forecast / Monitoring and countermeasure

Various in-house sensors for future expansion

We will be able to offer various in-house sensors. For example..

  • Enviromental sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Camera module sensors


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