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Smart City

Energy saving by dimming. We are realizing our Smart City Solutions start with high quality wireless-controlled streetlights installation.​

Smart Lighting as the core application of Smart Cities.

You can view comprehensive catalogs featuring case studies of problem-solving using smart city solutions proposed by Minebeamitsumi, such as LED street lights, as well as product lineups. After registering via the "Go to Download Form" button below, we will provide you with a URL for downloading the documents.

  • Brochure
    (Overview & Case Studies)

  • Product Catalog
    (Smart Lighting)

  • Product Leaflet
    (Sensors, Communication Products, etc.)

Benefits for residents

Smart value for the city and the environment

  • High quality Streetlight

    - Secure capital expense -

  • Energy Saving

    - Reduce operational expense -

  • Future Expandability

    - Deploy network platform for IoT -


We provide the operation maintenance and train services as well as devices delivery and technical support of network.
Centralized system management will make you notify abnormality at earlier stage and reduce its maintenance cost and claims.

Smart City Solutions network

Case study

We provide the dimming operation and maintenance services as well as devices.
Please find our installation cases in various countries.

Further Details


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