MinebeaMitsumi MEMS Room

Answering Your Questions about MEMS

Micromachine “MEMS” is attracting growing attention as a key device in industrial development.
The MinebeaMitsumi MEMS Room presents a wealth of information on the MEMS technology that will support the industries of the future, from the basics to advanced applications.

Learn the basics of MEMS sensors

Product Lineup

MinebeaMitsumi is an Electro Mechanics Solutions™ provider that combines its long-cultivated ultra-precision machining technologies with its cutting-edge technologies in motors, sensors, semiconductors, and wireless technologies to create products that as yet unimagined. Here, we will present our MEMS products, which are attracting growing attention in the IoT and medical fields.

Electro Mechanical Solutions is a registered trademark of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (registration number 5863395).

Sensor Types

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