MinebeaMitsumi MEMS Room

What Is MEMS?

Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology is used to create systems that combine electronic and mechanical component elements such as actuators and sensors into a single chip, with microstructures such as tiny pillars and membranes as well as electric circuits. Using microfabrication (micromachining), an advanced fabrication technology for semiconductor integrated circuits, moving parts and 3D objects such as gears with dimensions of several tens of micrometers are fabricated on a thin substrate (wafer) such as silicon or glass.

Because MEMS can produce many products on a wafer at once, it is better suited for mass production than the method of making and combining individual electronic and mechanical parts. MEMS will enable smaller and more lightweight designs, and it is also expected to lead to lower power consumption.

One everyday device that uses MEMS is the smartphone. Several MEMS products, including accelerometers, gyro sensors, and microphones, are installed in the smartphone, contributing greatly to the miniaturization, higher performance, and high functionality of the component digital devices.

This website will present a detailed examination of MEMS, a key component for implementing smart devices and DX by IoT, and for supporting greater miniaturization and higher functionality.

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