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MEMS Sensors

Sensors play an extremely important role in data collection. This section presents the types of sensors using MEMS semiconductor technology and examples of their applications.

What Is a MEMS Sensor?


A sensor is a device that detects changes and information, and is like the five human senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Sensors detect information such as light, sound, heat, motion, and force, and convert this information into signals to control machinery and perform processes.

MEMS sensors are basically the same as conventional sensors, but by integrating separate components such as electronic circuits and mechanical elements, they have enabled development of smaller, lighter, and more sophisticated products. For example, smartphones are now equipped with multiple MEMS sensors, such as compact accelerometers, pressure sensors, and gyro sensors, for creating high-performance products with advanced functions. In addition to features such as small size, light weight, and high functionality, MEMS also enable high productivity and are incorporated in many products. Recently, MEMS sensor technology has been applied to various new areas, such as odor detection and genetic analysis, bringing about technological innovation in a wide range of fields.

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Application Examples of MEMS Sensors

MEMS sensors are widely used in products such as smartphones, gaming devices, automobiles, and medical equipment.

One example of the use of MEMS sensors is in blood pressure meters used in hospitals and homes. Conventional blood pressure meters were widely used with mercury (mercury column type) or were aneroid type using a rubber ball, but a certain level of experience and skill was required to check blood vessel sounds with a stethoscope. However, with the advent of electronic blood pressure meters equipped with MEMS pressure sensors, accurate measurements could be easily made by anyone, leading to the spread of blood pressure meters even to ordinary households.

Other pressure sensors are used in automobile engines, brakes, suspensions, and other components, and multiple MEMS sensors including accelerometers, gyro sensors, and microphones are used in smartphones and gaming devices.

Devices utilizing MEMS sensors enrich and add convenience to our lives. MinebeaMitsumi offers a wide-ranging lineup of pressure sensors and many other products.

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