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Breese Sensors(2D anemometer for low wind speed)

A breeze sensor is a sensor that can accurately measure the speed and direction of a breeze (in this case, 0 to 3 m/sec air speed), which would be difficult for a person to notice. This section presents the features of MinebeaMitsumi’s breeze sensors and examples of their applications.

What Is a Breeze Sensor?

As the name implies, a breeze sensor is a sensor that can measure breezes. Air speed is measured by wind cup sensors, windmill sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and other devices. Generally, weather vane sensors are widely used to measure air direction. Recently, however, sensors that can simultaneously measure air speed and direction have been developed.

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Breeze Sensors Using MEMS

Most conventional sensors that detected air speed and direction were large, but breeze sensors using MEMS technology are now being incorporated into various mobile devices and small modules that measure the environment because they are compact and can be easily mass-produced. Many products that use MEMS breeze sensors are used indoors for contributing to miniaturization and energy saving for various products.

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Application Examples of Breeze Sensors

Breeze sensors are mainly characterized by their ability to detect air direction and are commonly used in combination with other sensors. For example, they are used to monitor air flow in factories, detect the direction of air flow in air conditioners, and detect air to prevent impurities from adhering in clean rooms.
Their fields of applications are also growing, such as use in orientation control of drones.

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MinebeaMitsumi’s Breeze Sensors

MinebeaMitsumi’s MEMS breeze sensors detect air speed and direction by combining heater and temperature sensor functions to measure temperature distribution. They also feature the ability to convert analog data acquired by the sensor into digital data for output.


This sensor incorporates a high-sensitivity temperature sensor (MEMS chip) and analog front-end (AFE) in one package. It is small in size (⌀20 × 7 mm) and coated with a moisture-proof and dirt-proof coating. Also, since there are no moving parts, it is highly reliable and can be used for products intended for use in harsh environments.

Product Descriptions

Breeze sensor
Dimensions (mm) ⌀20.0 × 7.0
Air speed measurement range (m/sec) 0 to 3
Air speed accuracy (m/s) ±0.2
Air direction accuracy (°) ±15
Operating temperature range (°C) 0 to 40
Supply voltage (V) 3.3 typ.
Interface I2C
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