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Analog to Digital Converter IC SAR type analog-to-digital converter IC



MM4032A12 is a high-performance 12bit sophisticated successive approximation analog-to-digital converter IC with a built-in reference voltage supply, supporting pseudo-differential inputs. Simultaneous sampling of differential signals through two channels is available.The maximum data sampling rate is 1000ksps, controlled by an external clock.This IC supports a serial interface.


① Power supply for analog: 5 V, Power supply for digital: 1.8 to 5 V
② 12bit successive approximation ADC
③ Simultaneous sampling and conversion through two channels
④ Two channels of pseudo-differential analog input
⑤ Sampling rate: 1000ksps at the maximum
⑥ Use of internal / external reference voltage
⑦ AVDD current consumption: 8.5mA typ.
(use of internal reference voltage for conversion)
⑧ Conversion mode setting (setting of input range, selection of output sequence)


Specifications Number of input channels
Sampling Rate
internal reference voltage
Integral nonlinearity error
Differential nonlinearity error
Communication I/F Package


Associated Data

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