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Rotary Components

In-Wheel Motor (Under development)


Compact and high-torque BLDC Motor + The drive unit with wheels that incorporates a thin reduction gear.
Industrial and transport robots that are active in factories and warehouses.

Service robots that have begun to appear in hospitals, hotels, shopping center and agriculture.
To develop such robots, we have developed an integrated in-wheel motor that has a built-in reduction gear and a motor, wheels, and brakes so that the number of parts can be reduced.

It has practicality and ease of use, such as small seize, replaceable tires, and free choice of brakes and brackets.


Model Motor type Maximum output
Rated voltage
Reduction ratio Maximum load
Wheel diameter
Waterproof Weight
Planned values
Starting torque
Maximum rotation speed
Maximum running speed
G718 Brushless 220 48 10.3 75 180 IPX4 6 12 170 6 12
G720 Brushless 130 24 10.3 75 180 IPX4 7 12 100 3 12

*1 Current at starting torque

■We are starting to develop further high load type.


1. Miniaturization

Adopted the structure of the in-wheel motor.

2. Easy to change the tires

These wasted tires are changeable to new an appropriate one.

3. Combine

Brake and Bracket are available as an option.

4. Outdoor use ready.

Waterproof: IPX4



*Subject to change without notice.

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