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Integrated mold sensing system

Integrated mold sensing system

A specialized digital conversion module of 8-channels (32 channels at the maximum) inputs that measures the mold cavity pressure of the injection molding machine.The pressure / temperature value is watched on the condition set beforehand, and the result is output as an alarm signal. Forward the pressure / temperature value waveform converted into the analog voltage to the molding machine.

◆Despite being key parameters affecting molding quality, the cavity pressure and cavity temperature waveforms were previously regarded as black box quantities. The Simultaneous Mold Cavity Pressure and Temperature Measurement System allows easy, cost-effective measurement, control, and recording of the cavity pressure and temperature waveforms.
◆Measures mold cavity pressure and temperature simultaneously.
◆4 channels each for temperature and pressure can be combined as desired and expanded to 8, 16, 24, or 32 channels.
◆Defect assessment output provided for each channel (each cavity).
◆Data can be saved to a USB flash drive or output to a network device.

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