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Sensing Devices

Pressure Sensor

Using strain gage, these pressure transducers are sensors that measure pressure as electric signals. Minebea manufactures high-precision pressure transducers that apply Silicon On Sapphire technology; and prolonged stability-type pressure transducers that use strain gages. Connected to various measuring devices for measurement purposes, these devices perform displaying, recording, controlling, monitoring the pressure, etc.

Depending on the material used to construct the sensitivity section, there are two types of strain gage systems: the semiconductor strain gage system (SOS system) and the metal foil strain gage system (strain gage system).

'- Direct Pressure-Type Sensors with Silicon On Sapphire (SOS) Technology -
The pressure transducers have a silicon thin film (epitaxial growth) formed on a sapphire (Al2O3 single crystal) board. Using this silicon thin film, silicon semiconductor strain gages have their electrical resistance wires themselves connected to a sapphire board, consisting of an ideal sensor that is extremely stabilized physically and electrically. Approximately 60 units are used in each H-IIA rocket.

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