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Power Supplies

Built-in Power Supplies

Built-in power supplies are power supplies built into office equipment, AV equipment, LED lighting, etc.
We have a proven track record of built-in power supplies with power capacities from 5W to 400W.
In addition, our power supply products are ODM products that are custom designed according to the specifications required by customers,we can propose power supplies that meet the required size and shape of various products.


Respond to custom requests

Utilizing our experienced design experience and manufacturing technology, we can make custom proposals for power supply product design and development according to market and customer requests.

Development of ICs that are easy to use as power supplies

Power supply IC is manufactured in-house, and it is possible to propose the optimum circuit.

Selectable production bases

It is possible to select a production plant according to the customer's production base.
Produced in China, Philippines and Malaysia.

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