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PM stepping motors

Linear type

The PM-type stepping motor is a linear type that can convert rotational motion into linear motion through the screw mechanism of the shaft and rotor.

It retains the ease of control and high-precision positioning unique to stepping motors, while achieving high thrust and high responsiveness in a compact design through our proprietary engineering. By using two high-precision NMB brand ball bearings at the front and end, shaft play is minimized, enabling even more precise control.

We offer a range of shaft feed amounts from 0.025mm/step to 0.05mm/step. Customizations to meet your specific requirements, such as winding specifications, shaft length, and the choice between captive and non-captive types, are also available.

Compact size and high thrust, high responsiveness

Our PM-type linear stepping motor, through optimal motor design and proprietary magnet development, achieves high thrust and high power in a compact form. For the Φ25 type, it delivers 1.5 to 2 times the thrust compared to conventional models.

Furthermore, with a maximum self-starting frequency of over 800 pps, it offers high responsiveness and can accelerate rapidly even in high-speed ranges, contributing to reduced takt time.

Captive type and other custom options

A captive type with an internal anti-rotation mechanism is available, enabling linear motion without rotating the external shaft.

Additionally, we offer customizations optimized to your requirements, such as shaft length and winding specifications.

Parts Outer Diameter
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Product customizations by MinebeaMitsumi

We customize products through technological consultations, sample productions, optional functionalities, and other forms of support we offer to meet your demands.

Engineering Information

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