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Fan Motors

Fan units

Minebea integrates all aspects of thermal management expertise with capabilities in fan motor, power management and controller design. Minebea offers this technology as "Heat Management System Module ( HMSM )" to the global market.


  • Information and communication-related apparatus
  • Air-cooling device for data center apparatus


  • Minebea fan motors and motorized impellers utilize Minebea core product, our highly efficient and reliable ball bearings.
  • Minebea fan motor designs focus on the need for higher efficiency and power reduction to meet the demands of today's environmental challenges. Minebea offers expertise in control functions such as redundancy, communications, diagnostics, thermal sensing, and custom PWM control.
  • Minebea uses a high level of vertical integration within its core manufacturing process, allowing quality to be tightly controlled. Minebea's core manufacturing philosophy follows the highest levels of vertical integration, for the majority of components used in its products. This philosophy allows Minebea to continually provide the highest levels of quality and reliability, as well as a highly stable supply capability.
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