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High-Frequency Devices

Multi-Band GNSS Antenna


Achieves centimeter-level positioning

This is a compact antenna capable of receiving multiple signals (L1/L2 or L1/L2/L6) with high sensitivity.
In high-accuracy positioning, it achieves centimeter-level accuracy by incorporating reinforcement data from L6 (QZSS) for GNSS L1/L2 signals or augmentation data from Network RTK with GNSS L1/L2 signals, in addition to multiple signals from satellites.

Conventional GNSS signals (L1) have an error of about 2~50 m due to the way they work when just receiving radio signals. To obtain highly accurate position information, multiple signals from satellites must be received, generally GNSS L1/L2 signals plus network RTK and L6 (MICHIBIKI) augmentation data to achieve centimeter-level accuracy. MinebeaMitsumi has succeeded in miniaturizing an antenna that receives these multiple signals (L1/L2 or L1/L2/L6).

Customization is possible according to each customer's request.

Applications : Car navigation, ecall, Autonomous driving

Various Applications

Design technology and synergistic power that supports antennas

Unique stack structure antenna design

In-house Antenna pattern design and production

Pattern printing accuracy 30μm or less

Interference design that enables combination

What is high precision GNSS?

Antenna covering L1 band to L2, L5/L6 in each country. Achieves error range accuracy of 10cm or less by receiving complementary information in addition to location information.

Current in-vehicle GNSS antennas are mainly antennas that cover the L1 band of each country.

Accuracy is low due to positioning conditions and surrounding environment
(radio wave reflection, etc.)
・GPS,GNSS error is about 2~50 m (Status of not receiving supplementary information)

The accuracy of the navigation is complemented by not only GNSS, but also map information,
3-axis gyro information, and position information from the network.

Positioning accuracy verification

High Precision GNSS (L1/L2/L6)

centimeter-level accuracy

Only GPS(L1)

meter-level accuracy



・Reception frequency (2 types):
   For CLAS method L1/L2/L6 reception
   For RTK method L1/L2 reception
・Power Supply Voltage:3.3V
・Weight:Antenna body 210 g
・Separate antenna body and cable (Cable is optional)
・Waterproof IPX6
・Operating temperature range:-20℃~70℃(schedule)
・Can be attached to the tip of the pole without the need for a GND sheet
・Can be installed with a single screw.



Parts Power Supply Voltage
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