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FAKRA Connector FAKRA Connector (Molded type)

CDM-K06, CDM-K30


1.Applicable to automotive antennas for radio-frequency signal transmission.
2.Weight saving model whith a metal stamping shell.
3.Each coding (mating key) is available.
4.Compliant with RoHS Directive.


Electric Characteristics

Rated Voltage :60V DC max.
Rated Current :1A DC max.
Characteristic Impedance :50Ω
Insertion Loss :
0.15dB max. (0 to 1GHz)
0.25dB max. (1 to 2.5GHz)
0.35dB max. (2.5 to 4GHz)
Return Loss :
15.6dB min. (0 to 2GHz)
14.0dB min. (2 to 4GHz)

Mechanical Characteristics

Life (Mating Cycle) : 25 times
Total Insertion Force : ≦25N
Total Withdrawal Force : ≦25N

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