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Torque Transducer Flange type optical transmission method/Shaft type optical transmission method torque transducer

Conpact shaft type torque transducer TMRS series


■Strain gage type Optical transmission method torque transmitter
■High zero stability and reduced rotational zero movement
■Compact and lightweight design
■Ultimate overload 500%F.S.
■High Responsive 6kHz
■A/Z function performs zero point correction


Specification name Specification contents
<load characteristics>
Rated capacity ±0.5N・m、±1N・m、±2N・m
Safe overload 500 %R.C.
Measurement accuracy ±0.03 %R.O.(Linearity, hysteresis and repeatablity are included)
<input characteristic>
Power supply DC24V±15%
Power consumpson 0.2A or less
Torque output ±10 V voltage output, load resistance 2 KΩ min
Torque output measurement frequency range 6 kHz
rotational pulse output 4-pulse output per revolution rotaion,open collector output,Rated DC30V 10mA
<Temperature characteristics>
Temp. range, safe -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
Note for temperature range -10 ℃ to 50 (non-condensing)
Temp. effect on zero balance 0.1 %R.O./10 ℃
Temp. effect on output 0.1 %LOAD/10 ℃
rotational characteristic
Max. rpm 25 000 rpm
Material Sensor shaft: stainless steel; bearing housing: stainless steel; housing: aluminium alloy
Durability 10,000,000 times with rated load applied
Gross weight Approx.240
Class of protection IP40
<Mechanical characteristics(rotor)>
Inertia moment 0.5 N・m:1.46 kg・mm²、1.0 N・m:1.48 kg・mm²、2.0 N・m:1.52 kg・mm²
Torsional rigidity 0.5 N・m:236 N・m/rad、1.0 N・m:318 N・m/rad、2.0 N・m:531 N・m/rad
Torsional peculiar pitch 0.5 N・m:5.01 kHz、1.0 N・m:5.67 kHz、2.0 N・m:6.61 kHz

Table of P/N

Parts No. Rated capacity
Maximum rotation speed
Mechanical characteristics
Inertia moment
Mechanical characteristics
Torsional rigidity
Mechanical characteristics
Torsional peculiar pitch
Accurate allowable
bending load
Accurate allowable
thrust load
Cable 3D CAD files [STEP] Weight(Approx.)

・Accurate permissible bending and thrust loads are those loads (measured values) with an output error of 0.05% R.O.
・Accurate permissible bending loads are the result of fixing the enclosure and applying the load on the axis of rotation 33 mm from the enclosure end face.
・All values are guaranteed for static loads.


Instruction Manual



  • Exclusive signal cable Model:RC041-*M(selectable from 2m、5m、10m)
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