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Torque Transducer Flange type optical transmission method/Shaft type optical transmission method torque transducer

Optical transmission method flange type torque meter TMHSA series


■ Compact size and light weight. Available for high speed measurement by bearing-free structure. (25 000 rpm: 100 Nm ~ 300 Nm, 22 000 rpm: 500 Nm, 1 kNm, 16 000 rpm: 2 kNm, 3 kNm, 14 000 rpm: 5 kNm, 12 000 rpm: 10 kNm)
■ Measurement accuracy of ±0.02 %R.O. in frequency output and ±0.03 %R.O. in voltage output is achieved.
■ Stator antenna has a split configuration to facilitate mounting and detachment.
■ Special transmitter OPT-563B is provided.
The operation without this transmitter is available and the stator outputs ±10 V.
■ Calibraton software provided transfers commands between TMHSA and a PC, and allows users to read TMHSA setting parameter, proceed calibration, or write the number of moving average and the analog filter frequency.
■ The detector for rotation speed and rotaional direction is prepared as an option.
■ High accuracy and low noise are achieved by the digital singnal transmission by the optical transmission method of the patent.
(USA PAT No. US6.472.656.B2, Japanese PAT No.3448738, PAT No.3453654)


Specification name Specification contents
Rated output Voltage output: ±10 VDC, Frequency output: 10 kHz±5 kHz
(Resistive load: 2 kΩ or more, Output capacitance load: 0.1 μF or less.)
Measurement accuracy Frequency output: ±0.02 %R.O., Voltage output: ±0.03 %R.O.
(including linearity, hysteresis and repeatablity.)
Zero adjustment range ±2 %R.O.
Symmetry correction range ±10 %R.O.
Moving average Selectable from 1 time, 2 times, 4 times, 8 times, 16 times, 32 times, 64 times, 128 times, 256 times and 512 times (Default: 1 time)
Low pass filter Selectable from 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 30 Hz, 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 300 Hz, 500 Hz, and 1 kHz. (Default: 1 kHz)
Output polarity inversion Output polarity is inverted relative to the direction of torsion.
Temp. range, safe -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Temp. range, compensated 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ (non-condensing)
Temp. effect on zero balance 0.02 %R.O./10 ℃
Temp. effect on output 0.03 %LOAD/10℃
Zero shift by rotation 0.5 %R.O.p-p (WB=1 kHz)
Class of protection IP54 or equivalent
Material (Rotor part) Alloy steel
Material (Stator part) Alluminium alloy

Table of P/N

Parts No. Rated capacity
Rated capacity
Maximum rotation speed
Zero shift by rotation
Mechanical characteristics
Inertia moment
Mechanical characteristics
Torsional rigidity
Mechanical characteristics
Torsional peculiar pitch
Mechanical characteristics
Bending peculiar pitchTorsional rigidity
Mechanical characteristics
Bending peculiar pitchThrust direction
Mechanical characteristics
Twist angle at rated capacity
Mechanical characteristics
Twist angle at rated capacity
Mechanical characteristics
Accuracy safe thrust load
CAD files[DXF] CAD files [DXF]
with detector for rotation speed and rotational direction RPM
3D CAD files [STEP] Weight(Approx.)
Weight (Approx.)

* Accuracy safe bending load and accuracy safe thrust load are the load (actual measurement value) which generate output error of 0.05%R.O.
* Accuracy safe bending load is the result of applying the load at the position of 200 mm from the flange edge.
* All are the gurantee over static load.

Associated Specification sheet

Specification sheet
Rotation detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM

Specification sheet



  • Dedicated cable: CAC-176C-*M (φ11/ 10-cores shielded cable with connector at the both end). (Selectable from 10 m/ 20 m or 30 m)
  • Dedicated transmitter: OPT-563B
  • Rotation detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM
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