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MinebeaMitsumi's ICs implement high characteristics, high function, space saving, and low power consumption.
They provide their optimum performance to meet various requirements.

Secondary Battery IC

・Various types of battery IC for single cell to multycells are lined up. They are applicable to various devices from mobile gadgets to Electric bicycle.
・The battery IC is provided with a high detection accuracy and abundant functions, enabling safe battery charging and protection.
・MinebeaMitsumi's Fuel Gauge IC achieves safe and effective use of batteries by detecting the battery level.

Power Supply IC

・The regulator IC lineup is available with an output current of 150mA to 1.5A. Suited to various applications with a range of products offering features such as high-precision and low consumption current.
・DC-DC converter ICs are available in step-up/step-down/ inversion type variations. Delivers high-efficiency, high-precision output over a wide input voltage range.

Reset IC

・This IC functions in a variety of CPU systems and other logic systems, to detect supply voltage and reset the system accurately when the power is turned on or interrupted.
・Special features are high precision, low power consumption, wide detection voltage and various options.

Sensor IC

・The sensor IC is characterized by high detecting temperature accuracy and low current consumption. Digital pressure sensors are being developed by MEMS technology.
・The sensor IC is applicable to various applications through abundant rank expansion and I2C BUS intended interface.

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