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[Engineering Information] "What is a shunt regulator?" is available now


A shunt regulator is a type of linear regulator that keeps the voltage constant, and can create a stable voltage from an unstable input voltage. Basic knowledge of shunt regulators is explained in an easy-to-understand manner using a block diagram. Also an easy-to-understand table of MinebeaMitsumi's shunt regulator lineup is available to help you choose the most suitable product.

What is a shunt regulator

1. What is a shunt regulator?
2. Difference between a shunt regulator and a series regulator
   Circuit configuration is different
   Configuration of a shunt regulator
   Configuration of a series regulator
3. What shunt regulators can do (examples of application circuits)
   Configure a reference circuit
   Configure a series regulator
   Configure a constant current source
   Configure the reference power supply of control voltage at the secondary side of AC-DC switching power supply
4. Shunt regulator's main characteristics
5. How to choose a shunt regulator
6. Shunt regulator IC of MinebeaMitsumi

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