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Reset ICs

[Engineering Information] "What is RESET IC?" is available now


A "reset IC", which is one type of power supply IC, is also called a "voltage detector" or "power supply monitoring IC". By monitoring and detecting when the voltage reaches a threshold, reset ICs help various devices to start and stop safely.
This page summarizes the basic knowledge of reset ICs and what they can do. In addition, we have posted MinebeaMitsumi's reset IC as an easy-to-understand selection table that includes a block diagram.

What is a RESET IC?

1.What is a RESET IC?
2.What RESET ICs can do
 Start/stop MCUs safely
 Extend the battery life of a device
 Use for making redundant MCU systems
 Monitoring rises in voltage
 Securing a stable range by eliminating the undefined region
 Controlling power-off sequences
 ICs specialized in controlling power-off sequences
3.Reset IC of MinebeaMitsumi

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