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Digital Indicator

Digital Indicator CSD-903-EX


・ Best for high accuracy (6 000 div.) scale appications. (at the input of 0.2 micro-V/d or more)
・ FLVFD(Front Luminous Vacuum Fluorescence Display) type fluorescence display tube of 11.55 mm character height provides good visibility to main display.
・ Display the measuring conditon actively by a variegated 18 digits of sub-display and 16 points of status display.
・ Supplementary flow, auto free fall compensation and auto accumulation function can be controlled beside a controll of weigh-in and discharge.
・ Equipped with serial interface and RS-485 interface as a standard.
・ 9 kinds of functions are simply proceeded by one key action with F key that the user can define.
・ Compact size of depth 136.5 mm.
・ Prepare a communications tool that can read and write a setting of parameter by connecting PC.
・ Protection grade : IP65
・ CE Mark Mark applied.


Specification name Specification contents
Bridge power supply 10 VDC±0.5VDC within 180 mA (Changeable to 5 VDC or 2.5 VDC) with remote sensing function
Input sensitivity 0.2 μV/d or more (d = minimum scale)
Input range -3.1 mV/V ~ 3.1 mV/V
Zero adjustment range -2.5 mV/V ~ 2.5 mV/V
Non-linearity 0.01 %F.S.
Temperature coefficient Zero balance ±0.2 μV/℃,Sensitivity ±0.001 5 %F.S./℃ (When the calibration is set at 0.2 μV/d or more for input sensitivity.)
Noise in input signal ±0.2 μVP-P or less (At the default setting for analog filter, digital filter, stabilization filter and A/D sampling.)
Analog filter Approx. 4 Hz (Changeable to 2 Hz, 6 Hz, 8 Hz or 10 Hz)
A/D sampling speed 200 times/s (Changeable to 20 times/s)
A/D internal resolution 24 bit
Main display Display range :-999 999 ~ 999 999
Display incliment :1 (changeable to 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50)
Display unit :7 segment green colored fluorescent display tube with 7 digits and 11.55 mm character height
Over display :'-OL' at minus over, 'OL' at plus over.
Over display of A/D value :'-OVF' at minus over, 'OVF' at plus over.
Sub display Display range :"Total accumulation value -19 999 999 ~ 99 999 999Accumulation times 0 ~ 999 999 "
Display unit :7-segment green colored fluorescent display tube with 18 digits and 5 mm character height.
Display item :"changeable to no display, accumulated times /accumulated value, updated accumulated data / accumulated value, updated accumulated times / accumulated data, updated accumulated data / final, accumulated times / final, final / accumulated value, final / over / under or near zero / final. * it displays weighing value + unit during the set of function.
Display times 4 times/s (Changeable to 20 times/s)
Display of decimal point Changeable to no display, 10¹, 10², 10³, 10⁴.
Display of unit Changeable to no display, g, kg, t, N, kN, or lb.
External control input signal 9 signals in the following can be arbitrarily selected.
OFF, key operation either of [ON/OFF], [SET], [ACCUM./left arrow], [PRE-TARE/right arrow], [TARE/▲], [NET/GROSS/▼], [ZERO] or [F/enter]. zero clear, tare clear, flow start, DISCHARGE start, cancell former accumulation, clear accumulation, error reset, print command or emergency stop,
*Above is pulse input, and effective once at a pulse width of 50 ms or more.
Change of Flow/Weigh out (ON: Weigh-out, OFF: Flow), hold, Display of NET (ON: NET, OFF: GROSS)
* Above is level input, and effective during short input of 50 ms or more.
External control output signal 13 signals in the following can be arbitrarily selected.
OFF, RUN, stable, during tare, gross display, net display, center of zero, during hold, capacity exceeded error, weighing sequece error, zero band, OK(S0), big flow (S1), medium flow (S2), Dribble flow (S3), over (S4), under, full, during measurement, batch finish, discharge (for gate open), discharge finish (for gate)
Function of comparator Set value -999 999 ~ 999 999
No. of set points: 4 points of S1, S2, S3 and S4
Set value of hysteresis data width: 0 to 99 digit
Direction of hysteresis: Selectable from 'On delay' or 'Off delay'
Conversion times of comparator: Changeable to 200 times/s or 20 times/s (Synchronous with the A/D sampling rate.)
2-wires method serial interface Baud rate : 600 bps
Data bit length : 8 bit
Parity bit : Odd number
Stop bit : 1 bit
Start bit : 1 bit
Transmission data : Binary code, BCD
Serial interface Baud rate : Selectable from 1 200 bps, 2 400 bps, 4 800 bps, 9 600 bps, 19 200 bps or 38 400 bps.
Data bit length : Selectable from 7 bit or 8 bit.
Parity bit : Selectable from none, even or odd.
Stop bit : Selectable from 1 bit or 2 bit
Terminator : Selectable from CR+LF or CR.
Communication method : Half duplex
Synchronous method : Start-stop synchronous method
Address : Select one from 0 to 31.
Communication data : ASCII code
Cable length : Approx. 1 km
Connectable units : Up to 32 units
Terminating resistance : Externally
Data transmission mode : Selectable from command or modbus
Various function ・Zero tracking
・Digital filter
・Stabilization filter
・Calibration LOCK switch
・Digital linearize
・Accumulating function
・Preset tare
Operating temp.
/humidity range
Temperature -10 ℃~ 50 ℃, Humidity 85 % or less (Non condensing)
Power supply voltage 100 VAC ~ 240 VAC (85 VAC ~ 264 VAC) 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 10 VA (without any options, at 100 VAC)
Approx. 18 VA or less (with options, at 100 VAC)
Outline dimensions
144 mm x 72 mm x 146.7mm (excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 1.0 kg (without options)
Protection code IP65 or equivalent (Only for the fron panel when the attached panel mounting gascket is installed.


  • Current output
  • Voltage output
  • BCD output
  • RS-232C interface
  • RS-422/RS-485 interface
  • CC-Link interface
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