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Signum-Ex Series


  • Minebea Intec


●Overload protection f300kg
●Dustproof/waterproof structure
●Plate material SUS specification(AlSl304)
●Fully stainless steel specification also available


Specification name Specification contents
Display Weight: 20mm LCD, dot matrix, 14 segments, backlight, unit symbol: g,kg,ct,lb,oz
Power supply (weighing section) AC100-240V(-15%/+10%),50-60Hz, power consumption 23VA
Operating temperature range -10℃~40℃
Operating humidity range Within 80%RH (up to temperature +31°C), within 50%RH (up to temperature +40°C)
Material (Scale plate) Equivalent to JIS SUS304 polished finish
Material(Display) JIS SUS304 equivalent
Interface Select from RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 (COM1) ※Specified when ordering
Cable length 2m from the weighing section to the display section
Standard equipment1 GMP compliant printing
Standard equipment2 Numeric input
Standard equipment3 Alphabetic input
Standard equipment4 Numeric Keypad Tare input
Standard equipment5 Internal program
Standard equipment6 Counting function
Standard equipment7 Animal Weights(Exempt from the test)
Standard equipment8 Summation function(Exempt from the test)
Standard equipment9 check weight(Exempt from the test)
Standard equipment10 Date/Time
Standard equipment11 SQmin
Standard equipment12 ID code entry
Explosion-proof certification in Japan Ex ib ⅡC T4 Gb (第 TC22392X 号)
Conforms to overseas explosion protection standards 【IECEx】Ex ib Ⅱ CT4 Gb/【ATEX】Ⅱ2G Ex ib Ⅱ CT4 Gb

Item list

Part No. Weighing Range
Maximum resolution
Class of protection Material
(Weighing unit body)
Loading platform dimensions(W)
Loading platform dimensions
Loading platform dimensions(Φ)
Specification sheet Instruction Manual
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