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The X-ray inspection system

Dymond D

  • Minebea Intec


The Dymond D side shooters offer reliable detection of foreign objects in tall, upright packaging. The compact hygienic design, interfaces and reliable image processing at high speeds allow for efficient integration into automated production processes.
■Maximum safety through multi-sided radioscopy opens up new possibilities in product design
■Reliable inspection with a high throughput
■Seamless integration and installation
■Quick and easy cleaning thanks to the hygienic design
■Industry 4.0 ready


Specification name Specification contents
X-ray power 2 x 90 kV, 9mA (double-beam technology)
Detector resolution 0.4mm
Belt speed range(with drum motor) 10 to 60m/min (infeed conveyor)、10 to 120 m/min (inspection conveyor)
User interface 21.5 inch touchscreen
Radiation safety FDA CFR 21 part 1020,40
International protection class External housing: IP34、Nema 4X (optional)
、Inspection tunnel: IP65
Conveyor height 740 ~ 1060mm

Table of P/N

Parts No. Catalog data
Dymond D DS_Dymond_S_and_D_en.pdf

Possible customer product dimensions

Dymond 40 Possible customer product dimensions

Dymond 80 Possible customer product dimensions

Dymond 120 Possible customer product dimensions

Dymond 160 Possible customer product dimensions

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