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Pressure Sensor Gage Pressure Sensor



This product is digitally outputs a pressure value which was corrected in the module. Customers need no correction because it corrects and outputs the differences of sensors and temperature characteristics. It does not require complicated sensor drive or control circuit, and devices with high performance can be made only with this module and an external microcontroller which will be the host.


Blood pressure monitor for home appliance
Devices using air pressure


① Small package 7.0(W) ×7.0(D) ×7.2(H)mm
② A high-accuracy pressure value can be output
Pressure resolution:0.001mmHg
Pressure effective resolution:0.020mmHgRMS
Pressure accuracy:±2.0mmHg (±266Pa)
③ It corrects the differences of sensors and temperature
characteristics when shipped from our factory
④ It digitally outputs pressure value by a built-in
sequencer (SPI,I2C)

Main specifications

Pressure Type Gage Pressure
Pressure Medium Air (no Condensation)
Supply Voltage Range
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Pressure Range
Current Consumption
Pressure accuracy
Pressure effective resolution
5.3 / 3.7 / 2.7 / 0.7
Conversion Time
3.9 / 7.8 / 15.6 / 250.0
Interface SPI/I2C


Package Size [mm]

7.0 x 7.0 x 7.2


Associated Data

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