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Tactile Switches Side Click Type Tactile Switches

SOU Series


1. Minimized mounting area.
2. Using the stainless steel metal dome with long life and sharp feeling.
3. Suitable for controllers with side click in small equipment.
4. Suitable for SMT reflow soldering.
5. Our original grounding structure can prevent flux from entering into a switch.


1. For mobile phones and small digital devices.


Rating (Resistive load) DC12V, 50mA
Contact Resistance 1Ω or less
Insulation resistance 10MΩ or more
Withstand Voltage 1 minute at AC 100V
Life SOU-242HST, SOU-242HNT : 100,000 times
SOU-244HNT, SOU-244HST : 100,000 times
SOU-248HNT, SOU-248HST : 100,000 times
Pcs/Reel SOU-242HST : 5,000
SOU-242HNT : 5,000
SOU-248HST : 5,000
SOU-248HNT : 5,000
SOU-244HST : 5,000
SOU-244HNT : 5,000

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*The details listed here are not a guarantee of the individual products at the time of ordering. When using the products, you will be asked to check their specifications.


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