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High Power DC Fan motor High Power DC Motorized Impeller

F225T Series

General Specifications

Motor Protection:Locked rotor, Reverse polarity
Insulation Resistance:10M Ohm min, measured with 500V DC between all leads shorted together and case
Dielectric Withstand Voltage:AC500V 1minute
Allowable Ambient Temperature Range:
-30 deg.C - +70 deg.C (Operating)
-40 deg.C - +80 deg.C (Storage)
non-condensing environment

Expected Life

40deg.C 70,000 Hours *Failure Rate 10% (L10 Life)


Characteristic Curves


Impeller: Plastic
Bearing: Ball Bearings
Lead Wire: UL1430 AWG18 +: Red−: Black
Speed Control: Yellow
Speed Signal: White

IP Compatible Type

* IP compatible type is available for this item.


Model Nominal Voltage
Operating Voltage
lower limit
Operating Voltage
upper limit
Nominal Current
Input Power
Maximum airflow
Max. Air Flow
Max. Static Pressure
Max. Static Pressure
[In H2O]

*1 Average values in free air and rated voltage condition.


Associated Data

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