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Lithium-Ion Battery Charge Control IC



This IC is linear charge control IC for 1–cell Li–ion and Li-polymer battery.
This IC can control accurate charge current (3 to 500mA),so it is suitable small and low current consumption IC for mobile devices used low-capacitance battery.

This IC have multiple rank matched charge voltage for each battery (4.1V to 4.45V) and can be individually set Full-charge current,so various charging systems can be constructed.

Low BAT leak current contributes to extending the usage time of mobile devices.

Product Series

Linear Charger IC (Single function Type)


1. Low charge current control suitable for low-capacitance battery (charge current 3mA min)
2. Multiple charge voltage (4.1V to 4.45V)
3. Adjustable Full charge current setting (ITERML pin)
4. High Rating input voltage(13V)
5. Low BAT leak current (10nA max)
6. Multiple battery temperature profile
7. Space saving package (1.8mm x 1.6mm x 0.55mm)
8. Operating temperature range Ta=-40~85℃


Small mobile device(earphone, healthcare device, others)

Major Specification

Parameter Specifications Unit
Rating voltage (VIN) 13 V
Operating voltage range (VIN) 4.4~6.0 V
Charge voltage 4.10 - 4.45 V
Fast charge current 3- 500 mA
Pre charge current Fast charge current x0.1 mA
Fast charge starting voltage 2.5 V
Full charge current 0.3 - 250 mA
BAT leakage current (max.) 10 nA
Thermal regulation temperature 125
Charge timer Pre:0.5, Fast:10 Hour



Associated Data

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