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Compression Type Stainless Steel Load Cell

PR6211 Series Compression Type Compact Stainless Steel Load Cell

  • Minebea Intec


■Gage is applied using sputtering technology to dramatically improve strength and accuracy.PR6211(rated 30~300kg)maximum allowable load>500kg.High temperature(LT:rated 500kg~5t)version is available for up tp 180℃
■Stainless steel housing:SUS630 equivalent
■Completely waterproof IP68
■Lateral load relief mechanism


Specification name Specification contents
OIML Accuracy class D1
Accuracy class 0.05Emax
Safe load limit >500kg
Rated output 2.0mV/V
Rated output tolerance <0.25%Cn
Zero balance <2.0%Cn
Reproducibility <0.01%Cn
Creep <0.03%Cn
Non-linearity <0.05%Cn
Hysteresis <0.05%Cn
Temperature effect on Zero <0.042%Cn/10K
Temperature effect on Span <0.03%Cn/10K
Input resistance 1288Ω~1312Ω
Rated output 1198Ω~1202Ω
Insulation resistance >5000×10⁶Ω
Nominal supply voltage 4~24V
Maximum supply voltage 25V
Nominal ambient temperature range -10℃~+85℃
Usable ambient temperature range  -40℃~+95℃
Storage ambient temperature range -40℃~+95℃
Class of protection IP68 / IEC 529 (completely waterproof · water depth 1.5m 10000h)
Material of element Body: Stainless steel 1.4542 (DIN 17 440) S 604, S 622 (B.S) equivalent
Cable specification Polyethylene, 4-core shield cable Length 5m/Diameter 5㎜/cable 4×0.35㎡
Wiring specification Applied voltage +red/-blue Output signal +green/-ash
Accessories Earth wire 1pc

Table of P/N

Parts No. Rated Capacity
Gross Weight
Packaged Size(W)
Packaged Size(L)
Packaged Size(H)
Specification sheet Instruction Manual
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