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Protection for Lithium-Ion Batteries

MM3723 Series


The MM3723 series integrates into 1.09mm × 0.81mm × 0.46mm WLCSP Package. It's using high voltage CMOS process for overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection of the rechargeable Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer battery. The overcharge, overdischarge, discharging overcurrent, charging overcurrent and short protection of the rechargeable one-cell Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer battery can be detected.

Product Series

For one-cell


1. Range and accuracy of detection/release voltage
●Overcharge detection voltage 3.6V to 4.6V, 5mV step Accuracy±12mV
●Overdischarge detection voltage 2.0V to 3.0V, 50mV step Accuracy±35mV
●Discharging overcurrent detection voltage 20mV to 100mV, 1mV step Accuracy±ΔV ※1
●Charging overcurrent detection voltage -100mV to -20mV, 1mV step Accuracy±ΔV ※1
●Short detection voltage 100mV to 300mV,10mV step Accuracy±8%

2. Range of detection delay time
●Overcharge detection delay time 1.0s, 1.2s, 4.0s
●Overdischarge detection delay time 20ms, 24ms, 32ms, 96ms, 128ms
●Discharging overcurrent detection delay time 8ms, 12ms, 16ms, 20ms, 256ms, 512ms
●Charging overcurrent detection delay time 4ms, 6ms, 8ms, 10ms, 12ms, 16ms, 96ms
●Short detection delay time 250µs to 400µs

3. 0V battery Charge functionSelection from "Permission" or "Prohibition"

4. Low current consumption
●Normal mode Typ. 2.5µA, Max. 4.0µA
●Stand-by mode Max. 0.1µA (Overdischarge latch function Enable)
Max. 0.6µA (Overdischarge latch function Disable)

*1 Accuracy of overcurrent detection voltage


Package 0V battery
Overcharge release function Overdischarge release function Discharging overcurrent release function Overcharge detection voltage
Overcharge release voltage
Overdischarge detection voltage
Overdischarge release
Discharging overcurrent detection voltage
Charging overcurrent detection voltage
Short detection voltage
Overcharge detection delay time
Overcharge release delay time
Overdischarge detection
delay time
Overdischarge release
delay time
Discharging overcurrent detection delay time
Discharging overcurrent release
delay time
delay time
Charging overcurrent release delay time
Short detection
delay time



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