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Hybrid stepping motors Hall IC Sensor type

S17PM(42□ 1.8°)


Overall View

Wiring Diagram Image


Model Outer Diameter
Step Angle
Drive Sequence Rated Current
Holding Torque
Rotor Inertia
Detent Torque

Hall Sensor Specification

Circuit configuration

6 pulse output signal

Maximum rating

Item Symbol Rating Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc 18 V
Output H Voltage V0(off) Vcc V
Output L Current Isink 15 mA
Operating ambient temperature Topr –20 ~ 115
Storage temperature Tstg –40 ~ 125

Electrical specifications

Item Symbol Measuring condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Operating voltage range Vcc 4.5 12 18 V
Output H -> L Magnetic flux density Bop Vcc = 12V 20 mT
Output L -> H Magnetic flux density Brp Vcc = 12V 5 mT
Hysteresis error Bh Vcc = 12V 1.5 mT
Saturated output voltage Vsat Vcc = 12V, OUT "L", Isink = 10mA 0.4 V
Output leakage current Ileak Vcc = 12V, OUT "H", Vout = 12V 1 μA
Power current Icc Vcc = 12V, OUT "H" 8 mA

1 [mT] = 10 [Gauss]

Torque/Speed Characteristics


Associated Data

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