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PST114 Series Features of 40 V High Withstand Voltage Reset IC

  • Feature1 Direct monitoring of various
    types of power supply e.g.) Product with detection voltage of 5.2 V

    The high withstand voltage IC can monitor a wide range of voltage with no resistive voltage divider.

  • Feature2 High voltage
    detection accuracy

    The IC monitoring the voltage with high detection voltage accuracy turns on/off the MCU safely.

  • Feature3 Low current

    The high withstand voltage IC, which does not need an external resistor, consumes low current,
    contributing to the extension of the battery life.

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Examples of circuits

The reset IC can monitor voltage other than the voltage of its power supply.

Examples of use

PST114X Series is used in many products due to its features of low current consumption and compact size.

  • Car infotainment equipment

  • Industrial equipment

  • Office automation equipment

  • White goods

PST114 Series Main specifications

Number of detection channels
Withstand voltage
Detection voltage
5.0 to 10.0V
Hysteresis voltage
0.1 to 5.0V
Separated sense pin
Delay function
Reset delay
Release delay
Output type
N ch-open drain output
Reset output
Active L/H are selectable.
Pin configuration

Line up

PST114/122 Series has the advantages of high withstand voltage, high accuracy and low current consumption, and is characterized by the lineup of a wide detection voltage range.

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