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Analog to Digital Converter IC SAR type analog-to-digital converter IC



MM3802 is a 12-bit successive approximation type of A/D converter IC, which supports differential input system. The data sampling rate, corresponding to 200Ksps at the maximum is controlled by an external clock. The communication is compatible with 3.3V serial interface. Auto-shutdown function automatically makes this IC enter into ultra-low power consumption mode after the data conversion, leading to reduced power consumption of battery powered devices and others.


① Differential analog input
② Sampling rate: 200Ksps max.
③ ultra-low power consumption mode 0μW
(at shutdown)
④ Simple Serial Interface
⑤ Abeilable 3.3V Interface system
⑥ 8pin SOP package
⑦ AC-common mode rejection


Specifications Number of input channels
Sampling Rate
Integral nonlinearity error
Differential nonlinearity error
Communication I/F Package


Associated Data

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