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Digital Indicator

PC Software for communication with Digital Indicator(EzCTS2)


■ Easier to set a digital indicator
The parameter of a digital indicator can be managed with PC.
EzCTS achieve the setting of indicator easily by managing data in PC, for example as changing a lot of digital indicators to the same setting, or reproducing the setting of a digital indicator.


Specification name Specification contents
Applied OS Windows 10/11, Japanese or English version.
CPU Intel Pentium (Dual core or Single core) Clock speed : 1GHz or more.
Internal memory 2GB or more
CD/DVD driver 1 unit (Used for installation)
USB port 1 port
Accessories CSD-912 / CSD-903 : Converter and connector for USB <-> Serial.
CSD-892-07-25/-73/-74/-76、CSD-709、CSD-701C : USB cable.


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