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Digital Indicator

Process Controllers maxxis4 PR5500

  • Minebea Intec


■Data Integrity (DI) Support
■User management and password management functions included
■Compatible with load cells, digital load cells, platform scales, and electromagnetic platform scales (optional)
■Class of protection: IP65 (front panel section)
■Extensive options including RS-232C/RS485, analog and digital I/O
■Data backup and restore function (in SD memory card)


Specification name Specification contents
Class OIML R76; Class Ⅲ 10000e acc. To EN45501
Non-linearity <0.003%
Load cell Nominal supply voltage DC12V max160mA, with remote sensing function, max 8 x 650Ω load cells (min 75Ω), max 4 x 350Ω load cells
Temperature effects Zero:<0.05uV/K RTI、Span:<±4ppm/K
Input signal range 0~36mV
Minimum entry force sensitivity 0.24 μV/d
Internal resolution max 7,500,000 counts at 3mV/V
Conversion speed 5~1600ms
Power supply AC100-240V(-10/+10%), 50-60Hz, 32VA
Ambient operating temperature -10℃~50℃
Ambient operating humidity 95%RH or less (no condensation)
Temperature during storage and transportation -20℃~70℃
Class of protection IP65 (front panel section)
Standard interface RS-232C, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, SD card port (SD memory card (8G) standard), USB port
Option W1: A/D converter
Option1 L8: 24VDC power supply (-10/+10%)
Option2 L14: Cable clamp specification
Option3 L15: Reinforced frame
Option4 B15 (Option 1): RS-485
Option5 B25 (Option 2): RS-485 (with power supply for connection to IS electromagnetic platform scales)
Option6 B16 (Option 1): Analog output 0/4-20 mA
Option7 B26 (Option 2): Analog output 0/4-20 mA
Option8 B17 (Option 1): Digital I/O 4 points
Option9 B27 (Option 2): Digital I/O 4 points
Option10 C21 (FB option): Profibus-DP interface
Option11 C24 (FB option): DeviceNet interface
Option12 C25 (FB option): CC-Link interface
Option13 C26 (FB option): Profinet interface
Option14 C27 (FB option): Ethernet/IP interface
Option15 E5: Alibi memory audit trail function
Dimension (W x H x D) 192 mm×96 mm×157 mm
Weight Approx. 2 kg
Gross Weight 3 kg

However, one item from FB option and Option 1, and one item from Option 2.

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