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Transmitter for transformer method torque transducer CSA-561C


・ Special transmitter for transformer method torque transducer TMNR(-ME) series.
・ Input and output terminal are isolated.
・ The optional equivalent strain is set with the 4-digits digital switch.
・ 4 1/2 digits digital monitor.


Specification name Specification contents
Bridge power supply AC2.0 Vrms sine wave 5 kHz±0.1 kHz
Applicable transducer Strain gage based torque transducer
Input range 0.5 mV/V ~ 3 mV/V (1 mV/V = 2 000 μst)
Output ±10 V output (±0.5 mV/V input, at bridge power supply AC2.0 Vrms)
Load resistance Resistance load 2kΩ or more, Output capacitance load 0.1 uF or less
Sensitivity adjustable range ±2.5 mV/V
Coarse adjustment Automatic balance
Fine adjustment Zero adjustment trimmer
Resistance section Approx.1 %(±2.5 mV/V)
Capacitance section Up to 2 000 pF is possible
Automatic balancing time Approx.1 s,
Accuracy ±0.2 %F.S.,
Back-up time : 24 h or more
(Display and voltage output)
0.05 %F.S.
Temperature efficient Zero point ±0.1 μV/℃ (Input conversion)
Sensitivity within ±0.05 %F.S./℃
CALIB Set by digital switch
Setting range : 0 ~ ±9 999 μst., Accuracy : ±0.5 %
Frequency response range DC ~ 2 kHz (Filter: W/B)
(Changeable to 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 300 Hz, 1 kHz or W/B)
Display section Output voltage display
0 ~ ±10.000 Digital display (Green LED)
Sampling rate: Approx. 4 times/s
ERROR function (+10 V or more or-10 V or less), the display flashes 0.000 or -0.000on and off and also ERROR will be shown. (Photocoupleroutput)
Remote function Automatic balance ±CALIB
LOCK function Automatic balance, Prohibit the operation of ± CALIB
(Including ±CALIB of automatic balance for remotefunction)
Operating temp. / humidity range Temperature -10 ℃~ 50 ℃
Humidity 85 %RH or less (Non condensing)
Power supply 100 VAC±10 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 10 VA (at 100 VAC)
Outline dimensions (WxHxD) 42 mm x 176 mm x 284.4mm (Excludes protruding parts.)
Weight Approx. 1.5 kg



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