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The X-ray inspection system

Dymond Bulk Series

  • Minebea Intec


Dymond Bulk guarantees precise X-ray inspection of bulk materials in the food industry. Foreign bodies such as stones or metal are consistently detected and removed from the material flow to protect both products and machines.
■Maximum detection sensitivity for product and machine safety
■Intuitive operation


Specification name Specification contents Specification contents2
Item Dymond Bulk 80 Dymond Bulk 120
X-ray power 70 kV - 1.2 mA、80 kV - 2 mA(optional) 80 kV, 2 mA 
Detector resolution 0.8 mm 、0.4 mm(optional) 0.8 mm
Belt speed range(with drum motor) 10 to 49 m/min、10 to 73 m/min (optional) 10 to 49 m/min、10 to 79 m/min (optional)
Approvals CE, UL/CSA CE, UL/CSA
User interface 15" touchscreen 15" touchscreen
Radiation safety FDA CFR 21 part 1020,40 FDA CFR 21 part 1020,40
International protection class IP34、IP65 (optional)、IP69K(on request) IP34、IP65 (optional)、IP69K(on request)
Conveyor height 800–999 mm 800–999 mm

Table of P/N

Parts No. Catalog data
DymondBulkSeries DS_Dymond-Bulk_en.pdf
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