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DC Brush motor for Aircraft-use

DC Brush motor for Aircraft-use


For DC brush motors developed for aircraft, high reliability is a must. Quality requirements for environmental conditions are particularly demanding, and products must pass a wide variety of environmental tests. These tests include temperature, humidity, vibration, and we meet these requirements by using testing equipment at our own facilities.


Commercial Airplanes


MinebeaMitsumi has a long history in DC brush motors for use in aircraft, and we provide products for a wide range of applications, from civil aircraft to aircrafts operated by Self-Defense Forces. Our motors are generally used to drive electrical actuators, such as those used to operate control surfaces and to open and close door panels. In many aircrafts, controls are shifting from hydraulic and pneumatic systems to electrical systems ("fly by wire") which help to make the aircraft lighter. These motors are expected to contribute to increasing use of the electric power system essential on future aircraft.

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