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Micro Air Pump



1. Simplified pump structure.
2. Low cost pump by reducing the number of parts and the number of assembly man-hours.
3. The product is patented by MinebeaMitsumi.
4. Assembly method unique to MinebeaMitsumi. A snap fit used to settle the pump unit.



Item Specifications Condition
Rated Voltage
[DC V]
Used Voltage Range
[DC V]
2.0 ~ 3.2
Pressing Time
[sec max.]
10 Time to add pressure from 0 to 300mmHg to a tank of 100cc by rated voltage (DC 3V).
Current Consumption
[mA max.]
450 Maximum current consumption during adding pressure from 0 to 300mHg to a tank of 500cc by rated voltage (DC 3V).
Leakage of Air
[mmHg/60sec max.]
3 Decrease of pressure at 30 second after stop pumping to a tank of 100cc up to 40±10mmHg and 300 ± 10mmHg.
Maximum Pressure
[mmHg min.]
[dB max.]
55 Noise at 30cm from the pump.


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