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Hybrid stepping motors

Battery-less Absolute Encoder type

This is the "M Series", which is equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder that achieves a slim design with our unique sensor mechanism on a hybrid type stepping motor.

By applying the time measurement mechanism of an analog clock, our absolute encoder can maintain the current position even when not powered, without the need for a backup power source. Furthermore, it is possible to resume operation without returning to the origin even after restart, contributing to the reduction of tact time while reducing the need for origin sensors and limit sensors required for returning to the origin.

The position detection method can be chosen from absolute output and incremental output, and the size is available in 9 types with different L dimensions of □28mm / □42mm / □56.4mm.


High-accuracy Positioning with Thin and High-Resolution Encoders

Our battery-less absolute encoders, which use magnetic sensors, have been slimmed down to the extreme, achieving a thickness of 13.6mm in the □42/56.4mm model.

The resolution per rotation of the absolute encoder boasts 14bit (about 16,000p/r) in absolute output and 4,000cpr in incremental output, making it top-class when mounted on a stepping motor. Furthermore, it can accurately count and hold the number of rotations exceeding one rotation (multi-turn number), enabling high-precision positioning.

Reducing Cycle Time, Eliminate Position Reset after Emergency Stops

Applying the mechanism of an analog clock, which uses a second, minute, and hour hand to measure the current time, we detect position by recognizing the angle of each magnet on three gears equipped with magnets through a magnetic sensor.

This mechanism allows the current position to be maintained even when not powered, eliminating the need for position reset and makes it possible to reduce external sensors such as home and limit sensors, and batteries for backup, also contributing to a reduction in cycle time.

What is a Batteryless Absolute Encoder encoder?

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