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Tactile Switches Long-Life Tactile Switches

SOV Series


1. Long-Life : 1,000,000 times.
2. Stable pushing thanks to the specification of attaching a button.


Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Digital Cameras, Game Machines and etc.


Rating (Resistive load) DC12V, 50mA
Contact Resistance 1Ω or less
Insulation resistance 10MΩ or more
Withstand Voltage 1 minute at AC 100V
Life SOV-168HST, SOV-168HNT : 1,000,000 times
SOV-169HST, SOV-169HNT : 500,000 times
Pcs/Reel SOV-168HST : 5,000
SOV-168HNT : 5,000
SOV-169HST : 5,000
SOV-169HNT : 5,000

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*Any products mentioned in this catalog are subject to any modification in their appearance and others for improvements without prior notification.
*The details listed here are not a guarantee of the individual products at the time of ordering. When using the products, you will be asked to check their specifications.


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