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GPS/GNSS Antenna GNSS Antenna



1. Utilizes Mitsumi standard case.
2. Miniature size 33(W) x 36(D) x 12.8(H) mm
3. Small antenna element 20(W) x 20(D) x 4(H) mm
4. Cable length and connector can be customized.
5. Waterproof : Certified for JIS C0920 IPX7
6. Installation Method : Double sided tape or Magnetic(With rubber feet)


Antenna Reception Frequency 1559.0~1605.375MHz
Antenna Reception Polarization Right Hand Circular Polarization
Antenna Antenna Gain 0dBi typ. *1
Antenna Output Impedance 50Ω
LNA Reception Frequency 1559.0~1605.375MHz
LNA Noise Figure 1.2dB max.
LNA Gain 26dB typ.
LNA Ex-band Attenuation 18dB min. (fo±50MHz)
Overall Gain 26dBi typ. (Zenith) *1
Overall Power Supply Voltage 5.0V
Overall Current Consumption 22mA typ. 30mA max.
Minimum Order 30,000pcs/year

*1 Gain is for the standard cable length of 3m and grounding plate measuring 70×70mm.

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