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Lithium-Ion Battery Charge Control IC



This IC is linear charge control IC for 1-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries.
It is capable of charging from 0V of battery voltage, so it is
adaptive for low capacity battery (coin) .
It is capable of setting of BAT regulation voltage according to various battery.
It does not require an externally provided sensing resistor or
reverse-current protection diode, enabling reductions in the
component count and the amount of generated heat.
Function to charge control (OFF) at high/low battery temperature ensures safety of battery.

Product Series

Linear Charger IC (Single function Type)


1. Built-in Power MOSFET
2. Built-in reverse current protection
3. Charge voltage selectable (CVSEL pin)
4. Charge control charge temperature by thermistor (Stop:Over 45℃, under 0℃)
5. Built-in thermal regulation function
6. Charge status flag (Nch open drain)
7. Space saving package (2.7mm x 2.5mm x 0.55mm)
8. Operating temperature range Ta=-40~85℃


Small mobile device(Wearable device, healthcare device, others)

Major Specification

Parameter Specifications Unit
Rating voltage (VIN) 6 V
Operating voltage range (VIN) 4.5~5.5 V
Charge voltage 4.2/4.05 V
Fast charge current 700 mA
Pre charge current Fast charge current x0.1 mA
Fast charge starting voltage 3 V
Full charge current Fast charge current x0.1 mA
BAT leakage current (max.) 2 μA
Thermal regulation temperature 93
Charge timer Pre:1, Fast:5 Hour



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