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Lithium-Ion Battery Charge Control IC



This IC is 4.5A switch mode charge control IC with power path with USB OTG.

Synchronous switching charge control enables power supply to system and charge control with low heat generation and high efficiency simultaneously.

Expensive current sensing resistor, Power FET, and Diode for reverse current protection are not necessary, so BOM cost can be reduced.

Product Series

Switching Charger IC


1. High efficiency 4.5A 1.5MHz switch mode charge control and power supply management to system.
2. Wide range of input voltage(3.9V~17V) ex)USB Power Delivery 5V, 9V, 15V
3. USB Battery Charging Spec.1.2 compliant,can be set input current limit (100mA~3000mA)
4. Built-in USB OTG function (5V/1.3A),can be suppiled power to external device
5. I2C interface enbles optimum customization ex) charge voltage/charge current/charge timer, others


Digital Still camera, Digital Video camera, other mobile device

Major Specification

Parameter Specifications Unit
Rating voltage (VIN) 22 V
Operating voltage range (VIN) 3.9~17.0 V
Input current limit 100 - 3000 mA
Switching frequency 1.5 MHz
Charge voltage 3.50 - 4.40 V
Fast charge current 512 - 4544 mA
Pre charge current 128 - 2048 mA
Fast charge starting voltage 2.8 - 3.0 V
Full charge current 128 - 2048 mA
Thermal regulation temperature 120
Charge timer 5 - 20 Hour



Associated Data

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