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Lithium-Ion Battery Charge Control IC



This IC is linear charge control IC for 1–cell Li–ion and Li-polymer battery.
This IC does not require externally provided sensing resistor
or reverse-current protection diode, enabling reductions in the
component count and the amount of generated heat.

This IC is battery temperature profile compliant, Function to limit charging current and voltage in low and high battery temperature ensures safety of battery.

Built-in 2ch charge status flag can be confirmed status in detail.

Product Series

Linear Charger IC (Single function Type)


1. Built-in Power MOSFET
2. Built-in reverse current protection
3. JEITA battery temperature profile compliant
4. Built-in thermal regulation function
5. 2ch charge status flag (Nch open drain)
6. Operating temperature range Ta=-40~85℃


Mobile device(Wearable device, healthcare device, others)

Major Specification

Parameter Specifications Unit
Rating voltage (VIN) 6 V
Operating voltage range (VIN) 4.3~5.8 V
Charge voltage 4.2 V
Fast charge current 1500 mA
Pre charge current Fast charge current x0.1 mA
Fast charge starting voltage 2.9 V
Full charge current Fast charge current x0.1 mA
BAT leakage current (max.) 2 μA
Thermal regulation temperature 122
Charge timer Pre:1, Fast:5 Hour



Associated Data

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