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Protection for Lithium-Ion Batteries

MM3563 Series


This IC are secondary protection IC using high voltage CMOS process for overcharge protection of the rechargeable Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer battery. The high accuracy overcharge detection of each cell of the rechargeable 1-3-cell Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer battery is possible. Each of these IC composed of four voltage detectors, reference voltage sources, oscillator, counter circuit and logical circuits.The ultra-small package SSON-6A is used to minimize footprints.

Product Series

For 1 to 3 cells secondary protection


1. Range and accuracy of overcharge detection/hysteresis voltage
 ●Overcharge detection voltage 4.0V to 4.5V, 5mV step Accuracy±25mV
 ●Overcharge hysteresis voltage -500mV to -50mV Accuracy±50mV to 100mV

2. Range of Overcharge detection delay time
 ●Overcharge detection delay time 1ms to (1ms × 2n1) + (1ms × 2n2)
 ∗n1 and n2 can select two arbitrary integers between 0 to 13. (However n1 ≠ n2)

3. Low current consumption
 ●Typ. 1.5µA Max. 3.0µA (Vcell=4.0V)
 ●Typ. 0.15µA Max. 0.30µA (Vcell=2.3V)


Package Overcharge detection voltage
Overcharge hysteresis
Overcharge detection delay time



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