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Analog to Digital Converter IC Delta Sigma ADC



The MM4115A16 is high-precision, low-power, 16-bit delta sigma analog-to-digital converter ICs with I2C compatible interface. MM4115A16 can measure two differential inputs or four singleended inputs by the internal input multiplexer. MM4115A16 has a build-in PGA(programmable gain amplifier), and are well suited for sensor measurement applications because having input voltage range switching function. This ADC operates in either continuous-conversion mode or single-shot conversion mode.


① Ultra Small SQFN package: 2.0(W) × 1.5(D) × 0.4(H) mm
② 16-Bit Resolution
③ Programmable Data Rate : 8 to 860 SPS
④ Single-Cycle Settling
⑤ Four Single-Ended or Two Differential Inputs
⑥ Low Current Consumption: 150 uA (Continuous-Conv. Mode)
⑦ Internal Low-Drift Reference Voltage Source and Internal Oscillator
⑧ Internal Programmable Comparator


Specifications Number of input channels
Sampling Rate
Integral nonlinearity error
Communication I/F Package Built-in function


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